Monday, September 21, 2009

::oscar's cousins::

I have returned home after a nice weekend with D and her 2 kittens in Brooklyn.

Here's an old one but a great one of the two kitties. Rowan is on the left, Carlie is on the right.

Rowan is an angel and a devil with no in between. He adorably falls asleep with his face nestled into D's neck and with fangs exposed will also violently launch his body at her legs.

I'm convinced that Rowan isn't 100% feline.. and whatever else he is mixed with has a ridiculously bendable spine.

Carlie is an angel always with one exception: take out. When D and I order food Carlie will harrass me NON STOP until she is given a sufficient portion of my meal. Rowan is a copy cat and will be annoying along with her just because. He doesn't even like the food.
But I love them. And even though O has never met his cousins.. he loves them too.
Oscar missed me this weekend and I missed him. He actually left DAD's lap to come sit with me this evening. That's how I can tell. He's my little handsome solid beast.

O's thoughts of the day:
"I can relate to Stewie on Family Guy... the way he thinks about destroying that woman.. I think about destroying that fur thing attached to that string that moves."

<3 K
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