Thursday, November 24, 2011

Oscar's Thanksgiving reflections

life was hard my first three years
the people around didn't care much about me
one day they decided I wasn't worth it
they dropped me off, I was deserted
but God led me to the most wonderful shelter
where I was loved and warm.

still day after day I longed for my very own family
a forever lap to sit on
and one day i saw them, a mom & a daughter
who looked like they needed me too.
They'd just lost their Cuddles, a life long cat buddy
and couldn't even think of replacing him.
They were volunteering there to distract their minds
from the heartbreak of losing a friend.

I reached through my cage, touched my paw to her arm
and from that moment we all knew it was fate.
They took me home that very same day
and 7 years later I must say
how thankful I am to have that family I dreamt of.

Happy Thanksgiving <3

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