Thursday, September 10, 2009

::can't handle the paws::

Oscar de la Renta.
Have you ever seen such large paws? I obsess over them. I obsess over everything about him, but the paws make me weak in the knees.

O was just waking from a nap when I snapped this picture of him. He has claimed the reclining chair as his own and there is a permanent imprint of his body on it now...

AND FOR SOME REASON MOM AND DAD DON'T CARE... which is shocking considering our cats in the past (R.I.P Snuggles & Cuddles) weren't allowed to go on the furniture.

I took this picture ---> today. I mean, come on. Only Oscar could get DAD to allow such cat to human behavior. This is pure love.
O's thoughts of the day:
"DADDY, can we PLEASE change the channel once Glenn Beck is over? I'm sick of the news. Just don't put on the Animal Planet, you know how it gives me anxiety."

goodnight & sweet kitty dreams for now.

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