Saturday, September 12, 2009

::rainy days::

Oscar has been thoroughly enjoying the thunderstorms.

D's cats hide under the bed and in the closet when it thunders. NORMAL. O sits by the back door. He loves it. NOT NORMAL.

My theory on this: O's hero is DAD. DAD loves to watch thunderstorms. Often he will stand by the backyard door for quite a while during the storm. O has taken on this habit...
However, since O is still a cat, he takes the lazier approach and spreads out on the floor next to the backyard door to watch.

In this picture I caught O in the act of copy-DAD mid-storm. Unflattering picture (my apologies to Osc).. I promise he isn't that fat.

O's thought of the day: "Mommy I love you so much because.. when you come downstairs for your midnight snacks.. you give me secret meals that we don't tell MOM and DAD about."
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