Sunday, September 13, 2009

::is he alive?::

caught in the act
D has returned home. I'm just about to get ready to leave for one of my two jobs (BLAH!)..
I wanted a little happy comfort from the cat, but O wasn't around. I knew exactly where to look for him.

We call it his "apartment". It's the area behind our couch where we store extra throw blankets. Oscar takes many daily snoozes back there.......


He woke up, BIG yawn, little meow, and emerged..

O's thoughts of the day: "I've noticed that we are running a bit low on Friskies pouches and that concerns me.. DAD has commented about stocking up on pasta and soup and things for the winter.... just thought you might want to stock up on Turkey and giblets...... and maybe a little less cake."

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