Sunday, March 7, 2010

::my awards::

Well my fellow felines.. tonight is the big night. Obviously, the awards show that was named after me. Please let me give you a brief background on this.....

Six years ago I was birthed as a teeny orange puff. I know it may be hard to imagine this because of my immense size these days, but it is true. My biological mother was a true feline movie star legend who was the Cat Fancy centerfold almost a dozen times. A true talent and beauty. My biological father was a rock superstar; the lead meower in the band Guns N' Scratches. However, my father suffered from the disease of catnip addiction and sadly overdosed in a nip field when my mother was pregnant with me.

On the day of my birth my mother decided to dedicate my life to that of my father's. His middle name was Oscar therefore that became my name. My mother used her superstardom to create "The Oscars" to honor her fellow talented friends in the name of me and in the honor of my late feline father.

So friends, tonight I'd like to honor my Oscars. The awards show have since been sold to network television humans, but the name continues on in honor of me and my father.

My Oscar's go to...

Rory ... for world's best girlfriend. She cooks me delicious Friskies meals and flips my scratching post when I've scratched it to it's limit.

Rowan... for most entertaining cousin. He always knows how to make me laugh when I call him and am feeling a need for bro time.

And my beautiful cousin Carlie... for giving the best advice and always giving a helping paw whenever I need someone.

Enjoy the show kittens and keep on purring.
Love, Oscar
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