Friday, March 12, 2010

::my day off::

Mental health day.
The humans have been excessively needy lately.
Today I don't want any hugs, any kisses, any play.
Today is ME time. Oscar's day off. All of my responsibilities (digging in the blankets, eating the house plants, stalking the humans) have been put on hold until tomorrow.

The family is gone for the day. THANK GOD. I'm going to put on 106.7 Lite FM and meditate.


I placed a call to my masseuse and ordered a half hour full body massage and a half hour paw rub and nail clipping. I am now so relaxed and refreshed. My nails are so sharp and I no longer feel the need to claw the furniture. The humans will be happy about this.


I put the finishing touches on my self-portrait. Uncanny resemblance. What do you think? I've been working on this project for about a month now. It's taken a while. I need total silence when I paint, and the family always has the television on. It is very distracting and disrupts my creative process. Today I was able to complete the painting.


Considering today was my mental health day, I actually got a lot accomplished. I had my nails clipped, finished my self portrait and spent quality time reflecting on my life. The last thing on my "TO DO" list was catch up on Lady Gaga news.
There's just something about the way she does her monster claws that makes me feel alive.

And on those days when I just feel like there's no house cat out there who understands the way I think... I remember Gaga... and all is well and balanced in my world once again.


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