Sunday, March 14, 2010

::nip trip::

Everything happened so suddenly.
My afternoon routine was almost complete.
I'd finished the last lick of Friskies in my bowl, stretched for a moment, and walked over to the scratching post... when I caught a sniff of the good stuff.

Mommy knows what it does to me; she calls it "groovin'" when I nip and pass out.

But I just couldn't resist the scent. It drew me in. She'd drowned the scratching post with it and I uncontrollably inhaled and ingested as much as possible.

Last thing I remember I was chasing a purple squirrel through a jungle gym. The squirrel spoke like a dolphin as he swam through the ball pit. He blended in, I lost him, and all of the colors began to swirl! It made me dizzy, so I decided to take a nap on a cloud.

How appropriate that when I arose from my nip trip the television was playing Half Baked.
Mommy was sitting next to me and I had ripped apart a large section of the blanket that Mommy was crocheting. The blue blanket. My cloud.

Don't nip meowsters, it ain't worth it.
hearts. Oscar

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