Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm not as evil as I try to be.

Ok - so am I disappointed that the world didn't end? Yeah, kinda. You know, when Mr. Camping spoke those glorious words about destructive earthquakes and fireballs consuming the Earth I thought, I like the way this guy thinks.

But, unlike the others, I know that God is too good to pull that crap. So day after day I mapped out my destruction of the world. Those fools would blame it all on God! ha!

It was detailed out to the perfect moment. At 6pm I was to push a button that would set off a series of underground explosions, to make those idiots feel the earth shake as Camping said!

But at 5:30PM I had just eaten my dinner and I was feeling really tired. I decided to snooze for just a few minutes so once 6PM hit I would be ready to go.

So am I disappointed? Yeah I am. Because I slept through my moment to shine. A Post 6PM world destruction just wouldn't have the same impact.

And I may or may not have also chickened out last minute. Don't tell.
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