Tuesday, May 17, 2011

an open letter to our neighbor

dear neighbor in apartment 6G,

i don't know your name and i don't
know where you come from.
i don't know what you do for work
and i don't know what you do for fun.
but i do know that you play your music
way louder than you should
and i would come over there and do bad things
if there was a way i could.
i may not have claws and i may not have teeth
but i bet i'll drive you nuts

and when i'm done you'll cry and beg
and be scarred with emotional cuts.
i'll smear my food all on your floor,
and i'll vomit on your carpet.
i won't stop meowing 'til you cry,
meow and meow until you die.
i'll bat your mirror all night long
until you will admit,

that your music volume is unacceptable
when you live in an apartment.

Carlie of apartment 6F
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