Thursday, June 16, 2011

The smartest cat in the house.

as she glares down at Morris and Rowan, she thinks....
"I'm too much of a smart girl to be held down by your simple ways.
Your existence may be nice but I need a life that pays.
I'll soon have the Greenwich Street address filled with Fancy Feast treats,
I work hard for myself and deserve a life that is sweet.
So please continue on with your mediocrity,
I'll be chartering private jets to the Caribbean Island of Carlie (that's me).
I promise I'm not a snob, though it may come across as that,
I just know that soon I'll be more than a simple house cat.
And you with your black fur and him with his white,
can continue on with your dominance battle, using all of your might.
But over here I'm quietly ruling this entire place,
and you don't even realize it's an irrelevant chase."

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